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Tropica’s patented symbols – Easy, Medium and Advanced make sure that you select the exact right plants for your individual aquarium. 

Easy Eksempel

The easy plants

  • These plants can thrive and grow well in low-light aquariums.
  • CO2 supply is recommended because the CO2 supply, despite the low light, ensures the growth of the plants.
  • The time expenditure per week is less than ½ hour because the plants grow slowly.
  • Bottom substrate at the beginning and liquid fertiliser for weekly use.
Medium Eksempel

Plants that require a little extra

  • The plants require at least ½ watt per litre to thrive.
  • CO2 supply is recommended to help plants grow with good colour and density.
  • Weekly maintenance times of ½-1 hour will be required depending on the growth and development of the plants.
  • Bottom substrate and liquid fertilisers are required. Special fertiliser is recommended.
Advanced Eksempel

The most demanding plants

  • The plants require 1 Watt per litre or more to thrive fully.
  • Continuous CO2 supply of 15-25 mg per litre is required.
  • Maintenance time is 1-2 hours a week. The plant growth can pose challenges.
  • Bottom substrate and liquid fertiliser, including special fertiliser, are required.