Tropica Live - Aquascaping with Tropica

20. Aug 2021

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🌱 What is Tropica Live?

Tropica Live is a unique aquascaping experience, broadcasted LIVE from our own studio. The workshop features:

  • George Farmer as the main host 
  • Diverse aquascaping styles and techniques 
  • Special guests: experienced aquascapers invited to share their aquascaping journey and knowledge  
  • Unique merchandise created for the event and inspired by a selection of our beautiful aquarium plants
  • LIVE chat: a chance to interact with us directly and influence the future of the hobby
  • Exclusive giveaways in the form of our unique merch and a chance to visit us in Denmark

🌱Why Tropica Live? 

Our channels are often flooded with assistance requests, updates or suggestions of new plants and products, and many more messagges. Tropica Live is meant to bridge the gap between us and hobbyists worldwide: a platform for us to share our knowledge and learn from your experience, update the community on our latest projects and welcome new ideas, and last but not least ensure you make your aquarium a success.


The best way to keep an eye on Tropica Live and stay up to date with our latest projects is by signing up to our aquascaping community. You will get:

  • Tropica Live event reminders
  • Tropica Live workshop details: including plant lists, aquarium details and exclusive previews of the aquscaping designs
  • The chance to win unique prizes such as our merchandise or an exclusive tour of our facilities in Denmark

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