The Happy Home by Tropica idea ...

Tropica_happyhome-grafik-web... is about how you create a nice place, a Happy Home, for your fish.

Because even though you can’t cuddle a fish, you need to take care of the live animals (and plants!) in your tank. They will show you their beautiful colours - and swimming skills!

The app will speak to you as if it were a fish, and will guide you (and maybe your child?) to ensure that plants and fish are kept in good conditions and happy (sending reminders about changing water, adding food etc).

Watch this video carefully to see how you do the set up. 




Ideas and shopping list for Happy Home setups (click the one you like):

X5 My green green garden-small  X6 Pink is pretty X7 Blue is best-small

Once you have brought home all you need for the Happy Home, please download the Happy Home by Tropica app.
The App will help you do it all right and also remind you when it's time to change water and take care of the tank!