The bluer the better!

X7 Blue is best-small

Even though you can’t cuddle me, please take care of me and my friends and we will show you our beautiful colours and swimming skills! 
Please be aware that fish are not allowed to move in before the tank is well settled. Ask your dealer when it's allowed in your country.

My friends and I need you to ensure that we get:

• Clean water. Some of the water needs to be changed every week. 
• Food. Ask your dealer what’s best for us.
• Oxygen! Yes, we do breathe like you do! Oxygen is provided by live plants.
• Hiding places. Provided by the plants and decorative ornaments.

Watch this video carefully and read here to see what you need for the set up.

Also, before starting, please download the Happy Home by Tropica app.
The App will help you do it all right and also remind you when it's time to change water and take care of the tank!


Here’s how you do in steps:

  1. Place your tank sheltered from direct sunlight.
  2. Now, spread out a thick layer of soil, make it slope upwards towards the rear wall. On top of the soil, spread a layer of blue gravel.
    Then place all decoration material (such as stones, ornaments or roots), if you intend to use some. 
  3. Carefully pour water into the aquarium, and wet the bottom layer. Use a plate or sift to slow down the water jet,
    in order to avoid making a mess of the bottom layer. 
  4. Prepare the Mini-pots: either plant them directly with their ceramic anchor or carefully remove the ceramic pot and plant the stems in the soil with tweezers. Leave a space of a few centimetres (1-2 inches) between the plantlets.
  5. Remember to spray with water every now and then to keep the plants moist at all times. Drying may harm the leaves.
  6. Carefully fill the aquarium with water. Make sure that the water jet does not hit plants or the bottom layer directly. 
  7. The water may look a bit cloudy for a few days. Don’t worry – it will get better. 
  8. Install a timer to turn off after 6 hours of light every day for the first weeks. The app notifications will now help you make sure everything is perfectly prepared for me and my friends. After 10-14 days, you can choose your fish, but for now, please follow the indications from the app.
  9. The app notifications will help remind you about what you need to do to keep us happy for the next few months.
    After which, you'll be able to look after the tank yourself. You can always visit for more information and check the FAQ links if you forget how to do the maintenance.

Here's what you need this to make this awesome home:

  • 54 L (14 gallon) tank with light, filter, heater
  • 3 L (1 bag) of Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder
  • 3 L of blue gravel
  • 1 Tropica CO2 System 60 
  • 1 bottle of Tropica Specialised fertiliser
  • Some ornaments (crocodile, car-wreck, sea turtles, lava rock)