L126 - Großer Rettenstein (50 L)



Aquarium: OPTIWHITE60X30X30
Volume: 50 L
Light: Twinstar 600 SP (44W)
Substrate: JBL Volcano,Tropica Aquarium Soil
Gravel: ADA La Plata sand
Decoration: Iron Wood
Filter: JBL e702
CO2: 30mg/l
Fertiliser (weekly): Tropica Specialised Nutrition 8ml/2days, Nutrition
Maintenance (hours per week): 1-2
 by Fabian Beck

"This tank and planting came in two stages. The first stage was a "plants and stones only" layout. After I took a first picture for the European "WebAquascapingContest" I changed the tank, took out some plants and added cosmetic sand. I used some crushed stones do build details and added a few species arround the pathways I created with the sand. Especially the new Plants from the recently released Tropica Special Edition, Rotala Vietnam and Blyxa Japonica really gave this tank a good balance and added necessary impact. I reached a great 6th ranked in the EAPLC Nano Category with this scape wich is my best rank in the bigger competitions so far."


said Fabian Beck