Plant Care

Tropica’s Plant Care products cover the most vital needs, which you have to fulfil as an aquarist, in order to ensure that your fish and plants thrive optimally.

Plantcare Bullets

  1. Substrate is used as a nutritional depot for the roots. You are free to select the gravel type and colour. REMEMBER to cover the substrate with min. 3-4 cm of gravel. The substrate has a long-term effect and promotes healthy plant growth.

  2. Aquarium Soil is a Japanese natural volcanic granulate material. Aquarium Soil naturally reduces your KH and pH value and enhances the ability of the plants to absorb nutrients. NB! Requires regular water change during the first 4 weeks!

  3. Premium Nutrition has all the required micro nutrients and is recommended for all plant aquariums. Specialised Nutrition further has macro nutrients and is suitable for aquariums with many plants. Both are liquid fertilisers that are dispensed directly into the water on a regular basis.

  4. Nutrition capsules are convenient for large, fast-growing plants, in order to ensure strong growth and colours. The capsule is pressed 3-4cm into the gravel with tweezers, directly at the roots, enabling instant nourishment.

  5. CO2 is the main nutrient of plants! Several solutions and price classes require an exact determination as to the needs. We recommend our System Bio for all starter aquariums up to 60L. For nano-aquariums, regardless the level of ambition, we recommend System Nano. Read more about CO2 here.

  6. Scissors and tweezers are indispensable tools for both planting, as well as the weekly trimming of plants.