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Tropica Live

  • George Farmer as the main host
  • Diverse aquascaping styles and techniques
  • Special guests: experienced aquascapers invited to share their aquascaping journey and knowledge
  • Unique merchandise created for the event and inspired by a selection of our beautiful aquarium plants
  • LIVE chat: a chance to interact with us directly and influence the future of the hobby
  • Exclusive giveaways in the form of our unique merch and a chance to visit us in Denmark


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The right aquarium

Good planning is the key to success with your aquarium. Because things are connected.

The size of your aquarium. How much time you want to spend on maintenance. The technique your choices require. 

There are many things to consider and Tropica help you get a good start.

How to pick the right aquarium

The right plants

All plants are different and have different needs. Some require a lot of light, fertilizer and CO2. Others will thrive will almost no help. Tropica has made selecting plants easy for you. All Tropica plants are marked with patented symbols that inform you about the difficulty of the plants. This way you can easily overview and choose the right plants for your aquarium.

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Your digital aquarium guide

It is our mission to help you getting success with your aquarium. Thus, we have developed two apps, the Happy Home app for children and the 90-days app for adults. Both apps will for 90-days guide you through the start-up process with your aquarium. With notifications that slowly help you getting good habits and a good aquarium biology. Prevention is just much better than cure. It’s the end of algae growth, dead fish and plants.

Download the Tropica Happy Home app here:


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Download the Tropica 90-days app here:


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