Breezy (64 L)



Aquarium: DO!AQUA 60P60X30X36
Volume: 64 L
Light: ADA Aquasky RGB 60CM
Substrate: ADA Amazonia
Gravel: DOOA River Sand
Decoration: Unzan Stone
Filter: N/A
CO2: None
Fertiliser (weekly): Tropica specialised 8ml/week
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by DouMing Mok

"A simple 4-stone layout using plants that can thrive in a low-tech setting. The substrate includes aquasoil bottom capped with sand and stocked with Japan Blue-Lyretail Guppies. 6 hours of light per day, one 50% water change per week keeps the layout growing at a manageable pace."

said DouMing Mok