Layout 1 (54 L)



Aquarium: EHEIM
Volume: 54 L
Light: T8 15W
Gravel: 2 mm sand
Filter: Vita Tech 5L/min.
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium Fertiliser 5 ml
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Tropica

In most pet shops it's easy to find a starter aquarium kit. It is a complete set containing aquarium, light, heater and filter. Most beginners would like a thriving aquarium with bold colours and a large number of fish. However, experience shows that a starter kit often provides low lighting levels so there are only few plants suitable to this type of aquarium. We have for this set-up chosen standard plants only! Microsorum and Cryptocoryne are both slow growing and Echinodorus and Vallisneria to create volume in the aquarium. Limnophila is centrally planted, right under the light and is an example of a plant that grows fast and which helps creating a good balance in the aquarium.

TIP! By using AquaDecor products with plants like Microsorum and Anubias for the set-up, the aquarium will look more adapted from the start. These products are already well established on root or lavastone.