Layout 102 (25 L)



Aquarium: CUBE30 X 30 X 30 CM
Volume: 25 L
Light: 1x 27 W T5 Daylight
Substrate: Tropica Aquarium Soil
Gravel: Tropica Aquarium Soil
Decoration: Sumatra wood
Filter: Internal filter 300 L/h
CO2: Liquid carbon fertiliser - 2ml per day
Fertiliser (weekly): 1.2ml Specialised fertiliser per day (1 pump)
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by George Farmer

A classic nano "Nature Aquarium" layout based around one piece of driftwood and small pieces of mini landscape rock. Most plants used are 1-2-Grow, which are perfect for aquascaping a small aquarium. The fine textures of the plants enhance the sense of scale. The relatively large selection of species help to create a naturalistic and wild feel to the layout.

Floating Salvinia natans provides shade to prevent algae and slows the growth of otherwise fast growing stem plants. Splashes of red from the Alternanthera and Palustris add interest and the small Eleocharis 'mini' provides the perfect foreground.

First week - 50% water change every day.
Second week - 50% water change 3 times per week. 
Third week - 50% water change 2 times per week. 
After one month - 25% water change 2 times per week. 
1 pump of Tropica Specialised per day. 
Filter cleaned every 2 weeks.
Plants pruned every 2 weeks, as necessary.