Layout 103 (28 L)



Aquarium: OPTIWHITE45 X 25 X 25CM
Volume: 28 L
Light: T5 24W
Gravel: Fine silica sand
Decoration: Redmoor wood
Filter: Eheim experience 150
CO2: 45 bubbles per minute
Fertiliser (weekly): Tropica Premium and Specialised fertiliser
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by James Starr-Marshall

Although not strictly a biotope aquarium all of the Flora and Fauna in this setup are from Australasia, with the exception of the shrimp which were used to keep the tank free from algae.

The layout is simple, using just one piece of wood and only three species of plants. Planting and maintenance was easy to carry out, with weekly pruning and water change taking just over 30 minutes.