Layout 106 (57 L)



Aquarium: 50 X 34 X 34CM
Volume: 57 L
Light: TMC Aquabar ‘T’ series ultra daylight 380mm twin
Gravel: Unipac fine Fiji sand 12.5Kg
Decoration: Rocks
Filter: Interpet CF1 filter
CO2: No
Fertiliser (weekly): 6 ml of Tropica Premium fertiliser daily
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by James Starr-Marshall

The setup
I set up this aquarium for my toddler as he had shown a keen interest in Guppy. I wanted the setup to be both easy to install and to maintain. I primarily used Tropica AquaDecor to speed up the planting process and chose species that would thrive without CO2 injection. By adding a cleaning crew that consisted of 5 Amano shrimps and 4 Otocinclus catfish maintenance was kept to an absolute minimum.

Daily task
 * Dose 6 ml of Tropica premium fertiliser
 * Feed the fish and check their general health.

Weekly tasks (15 to 20 minutes)
 *  Clean the tank glass
 *  Remove any dead or damaged leaves
 *  Clear the filter inlet of any debris
 *  50% water change with dechlorinated tap water
 *  Replace the disposable filter wool cartridge
 *  Give the bio media a light rinse in used tank water.