Layout 124 - Ndokulandela (54 L)



Aquarium: ADA 60P
Volume: 54 L
Light: Twinstar 600 SP (44W)
Substrate: JBL Volcano, Tropica Aquarium Soil
Gravel: ADA La Plata Sand
Decoration: Yati Wood, Dark Seiryu stones
Filter: JBL e702
CO2: 20mg/l
Fertiliser (weekly): Tropica Premium Nutrition 14ml/week, Nutrition Cap
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Fabian Beck

"Ndokulandela has it's name from a song from Bongeziwe Mabandla, a great musician. Ndokulandela means to stay on the road you want to go, no matter what.
This scape has only african Plants, Anubias and Bolbitis. I used the taller leaves on the front bottom of the aquarium and arranged the smaller sized anubias 'petite' on the higher spots to create a better illusion of scale in this scape. In the beginning I wanted to only keep african fish aswell and started with Aplocheilichthys normani, an Westafrican Fish that is very agile. But after a couple of weeks I had to find a home for other fish I kept, so I started mixing it up a bit and added Microgeophagus Ramirezi Electric Blue and Corydoras Hastatus after a while. The whole layout is made by a few Black Seiryu stones and 5 pieces of Yati Wood that are glued with super glue. I added some Spiderwood under the Yati wood to provide a bit more of a jungle look with roots crawling down the massive central tree. I am quite happy with the result of this tank but had to shut it down due to a massive Cladophora (Algae) Invasion that was very hard to treat."


said Fabian Beck