Layout 127 - Within the flow (54 L)



Aquarium: ADA 60P
Volume: 54 L
Light: Twinstar 600 SP (44W)
Substrate: JBL Volcano, Tropica Aquarium Soil
Gravel: ADA La Plata sand
Decoration: Iron Wood
Filter: JBL e702
CO2: 30mg/l
Fertiliser (weekly): Tropica Specialiased Nutrition 6ml/2days, Nutritio
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Fabian Beck

"With this scape I wanted to prove myself that everything can be made when you only want to. I found inspiration in an aquascaping book and thought that this might be hard to copy but I wanted to give it a try. The easier part was the submerged area with plants that easily assimilate under water. For the terrestrial part it was hard to find the perfect plants. I wanted to grow Bolbitis but I found out that it might take forever. Besides Bolbitits I wanted to have some Anubias species arround the wood reaching above the surface. I couldn't find the one that was mentioned in the book and went for Agustifolia instead. In the beginning I tryed to cover the emersed plants with foil to prevent them from drying out but even after a few month the leafs suffered from the dry air of my flat. In the back of the tank I used wabikusa balls that I planted with Echinodorus Rose and Hygrophila corymbosa. That plant really went wild and grew out crazily but I decided to take it out for the final shot of the tank. I highly recommend this plant if you want to achieve a wild jungle look above the watersurface."


said Fabian Beck