Layout 18 (297 L)



Volume: 297 L
Light: T5 4 x 54W
Gravel: Råda sand 0.8-1.2 mm.
Filter: Eheim Professionel II
CO2: 25 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): 30 ml Premium Fertiliser + 100 ml Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Tropica

The ideal aquarium for the family room; mom and dad enjoy it as a decorative element, and the children are thrilled about the fish, colours and growth inside the aquarium.
Comes with both roots and stones, placed as 2 islands pointing forward and to the middle of the aquarium.
The selected plants only require a minimum of care, Echinodorus 'Rubin', Nesaea Crassicaulis and Tiger Lotus brighten up the centre of the aquarium and surround the low Bacopa Australis. On the sides Cryptocoryne and Vallisneria, all growing well along edges, despite the lack of light.

In front, Tenellus will over time create a fleece. Adding "Windeløv" to the large root and behind the stone, results in both depth and movement inside the aquarium.

TIP! Bacopa australis differs from other Bacopa varieties as it remains low and compact.

Note: Plant D on the drawing is Echinodorus 'Rubin' which is no longer produced by Tropica, but can be replaced by another red Echinodorus.