Layout 19 (140 L)



Volume: 140 L
Light: T5 2 x 24W
Gravel: Råda sand
Filter: Eheim Pro-filter
CO2: 15 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium fertiliser 20 ml + 20 ml Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Oliver Knott

The size of the aquarium and the choice of easy plants makes it easy to place the aquarium almost anywhere and maintain it with a minimum of time and know-how. All the plants are considerably hardy and most of them grow slowly, which is why there are long periods between the cuttings. The central decoration with the Microsorum-AquaDecor-products in the group of stones and roots gives a depth and play already in the first days. The moss and the crypt is quite capable of growing underneath the shadow of the decoration, and the coloured leaves of Nymphaeas breaks all the green. Nymphaea and Vallisneria must be thinned in leaves and offshoots in order not to shade the other plants, and the floating plant Salvinia can either be reduced regularly or removed 5-6 weeks after the start-up. Basically all companion fish and shoal fish will do very well with all the free space for swimming combined with the opportunity for hiding among dense plants.

Tip! Vallisneria and Salvinia are good examples of supporting plants. The vigorous growth of these plants quickly absorbs e.g. a surplus of nutrients and by that reduces the risk of unrestrained growth of algae in the aquarium.