Layout 23 (360 L)



Volume: 360 L
Light: T5 4 x 54W
Gravel: ELOS Terra Small + Exoterra Riverbed Sand Brown
Filter: Grotech pump
CO2: pH controlled, pH 6.80
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Oliver Knott

Oliver Knott has made a layout which only contains new items from Tropica in 2010 in Kölle Zoo in Ludwigshafen. Here Oliver shows the colours that Pinnatifida can develop and the many uses of Pinnatifida in the aquarium. Centrally there is a large group with Pinnatifida, which runs in strings backwards to both sides between the two transversal stone groups. In the foreground Oliver uses Weeping moss as a low, padded growth. Pogostemon erectus forms a larger group in the back transposed from the middle, which separates the background in a calm right-hand part with small growth and in a wilder left-hand part where both Polygonum and Vesuvius contribute to the forest of stems, branches and leaves.

Tip! The eye catcher in this layout is Pinnatifida's red-violet play of colours and leaf characteristics - a result which is only achieved at light amounts over 0.5 Watt/litre and addition of CO2.

Note: Plant F on the drawing is Polygonum sp. which is no longer produced by Tropica.