Layout 27 (350 L)



Volume: 350 L
Light: T5 4 x 54W
Gravel: Cichlid sand 0.8 mm
Filter: Eheim professionel 3e
CO2: 10 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium Fertiliser 7 ml
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Tropica

"Wooden Bridge" is a genuine low-maintenance aquarium which was originally intended for the slowly growing Anubias barteri var. nana. It is supposed to survive the summer with rare water changes and almost no maintenance as far as trimming is concerned. "Wooden Bridge" consists of two large islands made of Øland rocks with white cichlid sand as bottom layer. A more than 1 metre long bent mangrove root connects the two islands and fills the volume of the aquarium so that the entire height is utilised. Small Anubias barteri var. nana on tree roots are placed around the rocks and on the big mangrove root. Two natural notches to the right of the hardscape and a single one to the left is where you can experiment with exciting plants without having to rearrange the whole hardscape. In the beginning, these "available" places were taken by Ranunculus inundates and Rotala macranda "Japan".

Tips! Turn down the light - this way the plants will grow more slowly and will require trimming more rarely as compared to when the roots are strongly lit. If you cannot bolt your fittings, you can instead place a layer of black tulle as a shading net under the fittings.