Layout 32 (360 L)



Aquarium: GLASS TANK
Volume: 360 L
Light: Geissmann 2 x 54W + 2 x 150 MH
Substrate: Tropica Substrate + Aqua Soil
Filter: 2 x 1300 lph
CO2: 25 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium Fertiliser 70 ml
Maintenance (hours per week): 1-2
 by Mark Evans

Mark Evans has designed and maintained this 360 liter full glass aquarium with CO2 addition and plenty of light. Mark here shows calm woodland on each side of a small gorge. In focus are beautiful, ruby colors from glandulosa and crispus 'Red'. This is supported by dark green colors from different Crypts, Bolbitis and Microsorum. The vigorous Weeping-moss with the small, light "tears" completes the transition from rocks to gravel. An elegant background is made by primarily light green stem plants behind the more robust leaf textures in the woodland areas.

Tip! Consider your background carefully. Try different colours - for example by using coloured card and see how different the aquarium looks. Or as here, by choosing light green stem plants.

Note: Plant E on the drawing is Aponogeton crispus 'Red' which is no longer produced by Tropica. Can be replaced by Cryptocoryne usteriana.