Layout 4 (112 L)



Aquarium: EHEIM
Volume: 112 L
Light: T8 2 x 18W
Gravel: 2 mm sand powder
Filter: Vita Tech 8,3 L/min
CO2: 0
Fertiliser (weekly): 10 ml Premium Fertiliser + 40 ml Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Tropica

Some of the main considerations when planting the children's aquarium are colours, impact and action. We have chosen a dinosaur/animal layout for this set-up, but you can find a large selection of ornaments at your local shop such as pirates, castles, treasure chests, sunken ships etc. In order to ensure the correct balance in the children's aquarium you will definitely need plants! The number of plants must be adjusted to the number of fish. It should be plants that easily adapt to the environment and that help the water to stay clean and algae free. Below we listed a selection of both fast and slow growing species that are all good starter plants.

TIP! Buy livebearing fish for the children's aquarium such as guppies and platies. They are hardy, brightly coloured and breed frequently. They also eat algae. Ask your local dealer for further information.