Layout 45 (180 L)



Aquarium: GLASS TANK
Volume: 180 L
Light: T5 6500K 2 x 39W, 7 hours daily
Gravel: Grain size 0.8-1.2 mm
Filter: Eheim 2076e 1350 l/h
CO2: 3 bubbles per second
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium Fertiliser 50 ml
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Eduard Gercog

A natural layout with a focus on different shapes and colours. Even though the aquarium is full of colours, the plants used are relatively easy to care for. The aquarium is maintenance-friendly and will reach balance fast owing to many plants and a good composition of fast-growing plants at the back and front, and stable, easy plants in the middle of the aquarium.