Layout 46 (200 L)



Aquarium: GLASS TANK
Volume: 200 L
Light: 3 TMC Grobeam 500 Natural Daylight, 8 hours daily
Substrate: Tropica substrate
Gravel: Maui gravel
Filter: Fluval G6
CO2: 1 bubble per second
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium Fertiliser 28 ml
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Dan Crawford

The plants from the Easy category are not only for starter aquariums - they are also used in large, luxuriant and lavish aquariums with minimum maintenance.  Most plants have to be trimmed a few times a year and the aquarium will look luxuriant and healthy for a long time when you supply liquid fertilisers and CO2. It requires less than ½ hour of maintenance a week!