Layout 52 (300 L)



Aquarium: IHM MÜLLER
Volume: 300 L
Light: T5 Daylight 4 x 54W
Gravel: Grain size 0.8-1.2 mm, Samoa
Filter: Built-in filter back wall w/ 2 Eheim pumps 600 l/h
CO2: 25 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): 100 ml Premium Fertiliser + 150 ml Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week): 1-2
 by Graeme Edwards

A true abundance of details in vigorous, green hills of rocks and Christmas-moss makes you think of prehistoric landscapes. Pinnatifida, Bolbitis and Aponogeton are with their big leaves placed in the back. A wealth of small, varying leaf forms from Pogostemon, Ranunculus and Anubias populate the moss hills. Utricularia and Rotala sp. bonsai live in beautiful harmony in the little bog between the hills.

Tip! Utricularia is sensitive towards major environmental changes - e.g. by light intensity, or in water quality. Furthermore, the water circulation around the small, fine roots is important. Planting on porous stones, on a little lattice or on branches e.g. protected by moss will help the plant in the start-up.