Layout 66 (48 L)



Aquarium: INTERPET
Volume: 48 L
Light: Fluval M 24c 150w
Substrate: Tropica Substrate
Gravel: Black 2-3mm gravel
Filter: Internal filter
CO2: 2ml TNC Carbon per day
Fertiliser (weekly): 14 ml Premium Fertiliser
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Tropica

A vigorous, green pearl, built after the "Dutch Style" with rows of green plants on different levels, but with a tree root. Hydrocotyle Tripartita with tiny, light green leaves create a vivid front. Lush Crypter in the middle slide almost unnoticeable into the deep silence between Bleheri's great leaves in the back. A couple of Echinodorus 'Reni' are used as contrast plants centrally in the aquarium.

Tip! Choosing only a few different plants adds a strong impression of peace and harmony.