Layout 68 (120 L)



Aquarium: JUWELLIDO 120
Volume: 120 L
Light: T5 Daylight 4 x 24W
Substrate: Tropica Substrate
Gravel: Natural Quartz 1.2-1.8mm
Filter: Internal Juwel
CO2: 20 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): 20 ml Premium Fertiliser + 14 ml Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Aquajardin

A burst of lush green spreads out from the left corner of this aquarium. Vallisneria 'Tiger' and Spiky-moss on wood creates an upright movement, caught by Microsorum 'Narrow' and 'Windeløv', passing it on to Staurogyne repens amongst the horizontal rocks and wood. Cryptocoryne 'Brown' and 'Petchii' add a little difference in color to the green shades.

Tip! The very bright substrate gives a ''sunny feeling'' to the whole scenery.