Layout 85 (83 L)



Aquarium: TMC
Volume: 83 L
Light: TMC ultima led tile
Substrate: Tropica substrate
Gravel: Aquasoil
Filter: External Eheim 2073
CO2: 25-30 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): Premium Fertiliser 65 ml + Specialised 50 ml
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Ian Holdich

This aquascape/aquarium was inspired by the classic Dutch themed aquariums. Although it doesn't conform to many of the rules of the Dutch method of aquascaping, it shows how 1-2 grow plants can be used to good effect without using any hardscape. It was interesting to see how the 1-2 grow plants performed in an aquarium without any classic potted species of plants. The different textures and colours of the 1-2 grow plants were very striking as you walked into the room. The fish health and water quality was tremendous due to the high plant mass.

The Aquarium was trimmed about 5-6 times in total, and was very easy to look after. It looked after itself after the initial set up. In the first 2 weeks the water was changed at 40% everyday with pure reverse osmosis water. I used Tropica Specialised and Tropica Premium fertiliser on alternate days. Five pumps of each. It was used in conjunction with aquasoil. After 2 weeks the water change was 20% every 3 days. After 45 days this was dropped to one water change a week. CO2 was used at 1-2 bubbles per second.

Note: Ammania bonsai has since been determined to be Rotala 'bonsai'. Nymphoides 'Taiwan' is now only produced in pot.