Layout 93 (25 L)



Volume: 25 L
Light: LED 3200 lux
Gravel: Flora Base brown, large pellet
Filter: Superfish Aquaflow 100
CO2: Tropica System Nano
Fertiliser (weekly): Specialised Fertiliser 5 ml
Maintenance (hours per week):
 by Tropica

The light distribution is extremely centred in this oblong aquarium, which results in quite shady corners.

Alternanthera 'Mini' is placed in the middle, in order to achieve optimal colour under the best light.

Light green Pogostemon erectus and Hygrophila 'Rosanervig' with pink streaks grow behind the mangrove root. In front, Eleocharis 'Mini' and Staurogyne create tight, low areas of vegetation.

All plants are from the 1-2-Grow! Series, except for Hygrophila 'Rosanervig'.