Layout 98 (100 L)



Aquarium: IHM MÜLLER
Volume: 100 L
Light: 4 x 24 W (T5 Daylight)
Substrate: Tropica substrate
Gravel: Råda sand 0,8-1,2 mm
Decoration: AquaDecor products
Filter: Eheim pump 600 L/h.
CO2: Approx. 25 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): 40 mL Premium + 80 mL Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week): 1-2
 by Adrie Baumann

Aqua Decor products and a close wall of Spiky moss initially made this aquarium vigorous and easy to balance. Nymphoides and Pogostemon Erectus are the only fast-growing plants that require regular trimming. Lagenandra will over time get bigger leaves that may be too shadowy; they are easily removed.
The moss wall is carefully lifted out and trimmed with scissors when required.