Layout 99 (100 L)



Aquarium: IHM MÜLLER
Volume: 100 L
Light: 4 x 24 W T5 Daylight
Substrate: Tropica substrate
Gravel: Råda sand 0,8-1,2 mm
Decoration: Lava rock, small redmoor roots
Filter: Eheim pump 600 L/h
CO2: Approx. 25 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): 30 mL Premium + 70 mL Specialised
Maintenance (hours per week): 1-2
 by Adrie Baumann

The Asian inspired landscape is a brilliant addition for the bamboo-like Murdannia Keisak.
Murdannia is very fast-growing and requires frequent and comprehensive cutting. New shoots and replanted top shoots maintain the three groups.
Eleocharis Parvula in the back is floatingly revealed by the lower Eleocharis 'Mini' and incorporated in the front scenery.