The Mountain (100 L)



Volume: 100 L
Light: Interpet Aqua Smart 59-80cm, 27,5W
Substrate: Tropica Soil Powder 9kg
Gravel: Amtra River Sand & Gravel 15kg
Decoration: Grey Mountain Rock
Filter: Interpet Corner Power Filter 3 (600lph)
CO2: 15mg/l
Fertiliser (weekly): Interpet Liquid Plant Food (4x Pumps Daily)
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Adam Newick & Interpet Aquatics

A prominent, triangular shaped mountain “peek” has been positioned in the center of the aquascape (slightly angled to one side) along with Anubias planted along the bottom edge line. This was to create a raised mountain look within a jungle style surrounding. Six smaller grey mountain rocks surround the mountain peak, with groups of Helanthium planted in-between with plenty of space in the foreground to grow into. Four more rocks were used on the outer sections, then in the background and side spaces we used a variety of Cryptocorynes, Echinodorus & Microsorum.

Finished with two varieties of Taxiphyllum. The aquarium itself is a classic furniture style setup with an Interpet Aqua Smart LED retro fitted into the hood for illumination, this is controlled via the Aqua Smart App. Filtration is an Interpet corner power filter 3 (600 lph) and a Interpet 200w Deltatherm heater. A layer of Tropica soil power was used as the base, then evenly covered with Amtra River Sand & Gravel. Pressurised CO2 was also used at 15mg/L and Interpet liquid plant food (4x pumps a day).