Aquadecor - Miniature aquascapes

24. May 2020
By: George Farmer

The original concept behind Aquadecor came about in order to create a solution for a petshop wanting to have their fish holding tanks decorated nicely with aquarium plants. The issue was by using regular plants that they would get continuously disturbed and uprooted every time the fish were netted out for the customers.


Tropica then came up with the idea of attached Anubias and Microsorum pre-grown on wood and lava rock, so they could be easily taken out and replaced as necessary. These became popular with the shop’s customers so more plants pre-grown onto decor had to be produced.

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The Aquadecor product was born and they soon found a place on the Tropica product stocklist where it now enjoys a wide variety of epiphyte plant options that’s continually being developed.

 Aquadecor comes supplied as plants attached to either lava rock or bogwood. There is also the option to use bankwood that has a suction cup attached to the wood allowing it to be fixed to the aquarium glass at various heights in the aquarium.

The plants are grown to mature specimens for several months in the Tropica greenhouses ensuring an impressive size being securely self-attached without any need for string. Species such as Microsorum and Anubias are particular robust making them ideal for boisterous and digging fish such as large cichlids.


Aquadecor are perfect for adding an immediate impact to your aquascape with their grown-in effect. They can be easily placed and re-positioned anywhere in the aquarium to create the best effect, making them perfect for beginners or for hobbyists wishing to create a mature looking aquascape right awat.  Tropica also offer options for multiple species being attached to the same piece to add extra visual interest.


Most species are in the easy category so will grow well even in aquariums without strong lighting or CO2 injection, although as with all aquarium plants, CO2 injection will encourage healthier growth. As their roots are not in any substrate it is important to add a regular liquid fertiliser such as Tropica Premium or Specialised Nutrition.


Maintenance of these plants is straightforward with most species being slower growers. Just trim off excessive growth from the rhizome next to the wood or lava rock. Depending on the species you can easily propogate the plant by splitting the rhizomes and re-attaching elsewhere.


Tropica Aquadecor plants are the perfect way to add instant impact to a new or existing aquarium. With most species being tough and easy to grow we are sure you can easily improve the look of your aquarium right away, no matter your aquarium type or experience level.

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