Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’

28. Feb 2023
By: George Farmer

History and origins

Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini' is an even smaller variety of the dwarf hair grass, Eleocharis parvula. The first specimen was supplied to Tropica by Tom Barr from the USA and has been one of Tropica’s most popular carpeting plants.


Plant Overview

Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ is a medium category carpeting plant supplied in 1-2-Grow! tissue cultured cups grown in our Danish laboratories here at Tropica. The growth media is a liquid type meaning the plant has adapted to grow under water almost immediately. It sends out runners and new leaves that eventually result in a beautiful lush green lawn. It requires moderate to strong lighting and CO2 injection for best results.


Preparing 1-2-Grow! cup

1.     Peel off the lid from the 1-2-Grow cup.

2.     Carefully remove the entire plant from the cup.

3.     Place the plant into a bowl of water and wash off the growth media.

4.     Divide the pot into as many portions as necessary.

5.     Plant into your soil or substrate with aquascaping tweezers.


Where to use the plant

Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ is most commonly used as a foreground carpeting plant due to its short height. A popular technique is to blend the mini hair grass with another carpeting plant species in order to create a pleasing natural texture. Alternatively and in contrast it can be used as a single species to fully carpet the entire aquarium in a minimalist style aquascape.


Maintaining the plant

Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ is a relatively low-maintenance carpeting plant due to its fine leaf blades that gradually become more dense over time. The carpet can be left to grow for many weeks before any trimming is required providing there is sufficient light and circulation. Regular vacuuming of the carpet from excess organic waste is necessary to prevent algae and poor plant growth. In the long term, the entire carpet can be removed as one whole matt, then the healthiest plants separated and re-planted with tweezers. It grows best in aquarium soil but can be grown in fine gravel and sand if sufficient nutrients are provided by a liquid fertiliser. We recommend Tropica Premium and Specialised Nutrition.



Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ is a hugely popular carpeting plant suitable for all size aquariums. Its fine texture and bright green colour adds a sense of freshness and vibrancy that’s complimentary to any aquarium foreground providing sufficient lighting and CO2 are provided.