Layout 8 (225 L)



Volume: 225 L
Light: T5 4 x 54W
Gravel: Råda sand 0.8-1.2 mm.
Filter: Ehiem Proffesional II
CO2: 25 mg/L
Fertiliser (weekly): 40 ml Premium Fertiliser + 80 ml Specialised Ferti
Maintenance (hours per week): ½-1
 by Tropica

The bridge of moss is specially made for the Interzoo 2010 to present Tropica's new web site. The bridge of moss is made out of weeping moss. The moss is tied to the roots using cotton thread which combines the two islands in the aquarium. Both of the islands contain Myriophyllum mattogrossense in the back ground (rapid growth, larger) and Myriophyllum mezianum in the front (smaller and is slow growing). Echinodorus tenellus form a carpet from side to side in the aquarium. Central in the aquarium is a group of Ludwigia glandulosa, an example of an easy red stem plant which can be kept in a tight compact group.

Tip! Frequent pruning of stem plants promotes shorter distance between the set of leaves (more compact growth) and often also longer/smaller leaves.

Note: Plant C on the drawing is Myriophyllum mezianum which is no longer produced by Tropica. Can be replaced by Myriophyllum tuberculatum.