Mosser Resized

Moss is sold in portions in sealed plastic containers. There is a big difference between mosses, but all of them make the aquarium more luxuriant and give it greater depth. Can be tied to stones or tree roots where they will form hanging gardens. Perfect for laying eggs for different fish.

Flydeplante Floating plants are sold in portions in a sealed plastic container. The plants give the aquarium another dimension thanks to their hanging roots and their fast growth limits the growth of algae. Ideal as plants that indicate the fertiliser level in the aquarium and perfect as a hiding place for young fish.
089 KN 1x1 Aponogeton is a tuberous plant. Each tuber comes with at least an incipient shoot. The plants grow fast after being planted and become relatively big. A sticker with the level of difficulty and information about the plant is included with each tuber.