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The right plants – the right plant products
Aquarium plants are available as different products. Please see the advantages of each product type here. The ordinary way to produce aquarium plants is in pots. We grow them in our greenhouses and they are easy to handle, even for beginners.

 032 TC symbol

1-2-Grow! in cups are young plants, directly from our laboratory. The plants are free from snails, algae and pesticides, which makes them completely safe for delicate shrimps and fish. Aquarists appreciate them for their compact growth and purity. These „baby plants” require more care in terms of added CO2 and fertiliser from the beginning, to get a proper start.


047 Limnophila sess.

Pots are brimming with plants and have lots of mass and healthy, well-developed roots. Most pots can be divided into several portions or individual plants which are planted separately.

A selection of our pots are pre-packed in breathable blister packaging to be sold as self service plants. More about the range here.

 Tropica XL Pots

We grow plants in XL pots in our greenhouses like plants in regular pots; they are fully grown when you buy them, which makes them very suitable for impatient aquarists!

 Tropica AquaDecor

Aqua Decor includes plants, planted on tree roots or lava rocks. Decor plants instantly make the aquarium look fully grown.

 Tropica Mosses

Plant portions in blister packs include different types of moss, floating/surface plants, tubers and algae balls. Mosses are decorative, when placed on roots and rocks, or attached to a grid.   

 Tropica Floating Plants

Floating plants add a decorative touch to an open aquarium surface, and they are also suitable as auxiliary plants (see auxiliary/supporting plants). 

 089 KN 1x1

Tubers are root balls of special, slow-growing plants like Aponogeton for patient aquarists. 

 Tropica Bundles

Plant bundles are mainly stem plants, delivered in bundles without roots. They are often used as fish feed and auxiliary plants (Egeria and Cabomba) when establishing the aquarium. 

Please notice that bunches/bundled plants are currently NOT produced at Tropica's own nursery. We are unable to guarantee that they are free from harmful pesticides and thus we recommend NOT to put them directly in tanks with shrimps and other delicate fish. 

 Iz2016 Displ24 Mini On Display

Mini is an improved and safe alternative to bunched/bundled plants. They are grown in our own nursery, cultivated directly in small coconut fibre pots and perfectly harmless for any sensitive shrimp or fish. Can be planted directly in the bottom layer even without removing the coconut pot. They are packed and sold in breathable blisters.