Supporting plants

Supporting or auxiliary plants are extra plants that help you get your aquarium started quickly and safely and they further help avoid algae.

A newly established aquarium has to develop the right microbiology (bacteria), ensuring correct function of the aquarium. Water bacteria perform decomposition and transformation of harmful substances; however, it takes time before the bacteria concentration is adequate.
New plants have vital influence on microbiology and water quality, but they require time to develop roots, adjust to life under water and grow bigger.

A newly established aquarium is sensitive, and many things can go wrong – often resulting in heavy algae growth. Implantation of extra auxiliary plants increases the plant volume in the aquarium and helps absorb nourishment from the water, in order to prevent algae from absorbing nourishment for their growth.

All auxiliary plants are sturdy and resistant to varying water quality. However, they are primarily fast-growing and able to consume the fertilising substances in the water.  

Auxiliary plants require regular pruning, so they don’t overshadow slow-growing plants and impede with their growing conditions. Once the actual plants are growing, and reach good sizes, remove the auxiliary plants from the aquarium, possibly stepwise.

Examples of appropriate auxiliary plants:

Bundled stems with ceramic ring:
Cabomba aquatica
Egeria densa
Hygrophila difformis

Please remember:
Apart from auxiliary plants, changing water is important for a good start without algae. Here's a link to a video showing an easy way to change water. Please check our App for further information.