Starting Up Result

When introducing a new aquarium, the first 90 days are critical. To put it simply, the aquarium and the aquatic environment must be in balance with regards to plant growth, fish population and filtration. The plants have to adapt to the new conditions at a time where algae can thrive.

We advise you to follow the steps below:

  1. Set the lighting time to 6 hours a day in the first 2-3 weeks. Then you can increase to 8-10 hours a day.
  2. It is a good idea to provide CO2 from day 1.
  3. Change the water 25-50% a couple of times a week in the first 3-4 weeks. After that, change approx. 25% of the water once a week.
  4. No fertiliser or a limited amount of fertiliser during the first 3-4 weeks. The plants contain plenty of nutrients already from the nursery, which is sufficient to establish a root network.
  5. Fast-growing plants such as Egeria and Limnophila, can be planted permanently or removed at a later date once the aquarium is balanced. Fast-growing plants absorb the excess nutrients and therefore minimise the growth of algae.
  6. Introduce algae-eating snails and shrimps as soon as possible after start-up.
  7. We recommend that the introduction of fish is delayed for 3-4 weeks until the plants have established. In other respects, follow the fish stocking guidelines for new aquariums.
  8. Check the equipment - does the plug-in-timer operate the lighting effectively, is the CO2 supply sufficient, is the filter running, is the temperature OK?


Starting Up 1

Day 1. The aquarium is planted and filled with water. Start with 6 hours of light a day.

Starting Up 2

Day 20. The plants have taken hold - but the aquarium is not balanced yet. Beware of possible algae growth.

Starting Up 3

Day 90. The desired result - good plant growth, great colour and transparent water - is achieved.