Get the right start at home:

    Place your aquarium sheltered from direct sunlight.
    Consider how you want it to look. 

    Find ideas for great aquariums on under Inspiration.

  1. First, place all decoration material (such as stones or roots), if you intend to use it.
    Then spread out a 1 cm thick layer of substrate where your plants should go and cover it with at least 4 cm of gravel.
  2. Carefully pour water into the aquarium, and wet the bottom layer. Use a plate or sift to slow down the water jet,
    in order to avoid making a mess of the bottom layer. 
  3. Prepare the plants: Remove plastic pot and stone wool. Shorten the roots and divide into smaller plants, suitable for groups of plants.
    Use tweezers for easy planting.

  4. Remember to spray with water every now and then, to keep the plants moist at all times. 
    Drying may harm the leaves.
  5. Carefully fill the aquarium with water. Make sure that the water jet does not hit plants or the bottom layer directly. 
    The water may look a bit cloudy for a few days. Don’t worry – it will get better. 
  6. Install a timer watch to turn off after 6 hours of light every day for the first three weeks. 
  7. Then increase gradually to max. 8 hours of light every day. Too much light may result in problems with algae growth.
    Remember, maximum 8 hours of light per day.
  8. Download Tropica’s App. It will remind you to change water, add fertiliser, and ensure that you get well through
    the first three months with aquarium. 
  9. After 90 days, the aquarium will have grown to:

Getting Started Result