Hygrophila 'Araguaia'

30. Aug 2020
By: George Farmer

History and origins 

The beautiful and unique Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ is named after the river system of the same name in Brazil, although it is known to originate from South and East Asia, and is also known as Hygrophila lancea. In the wild it grows as a marsh plant and along rivers up to 70cm tall, but remains much smaller in the aquarium environment. It has been widely spread amongst hobbyist in North America but only in recent years become more popular and available in Europe.


Plant Overview

Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ is a medium category plant available in Tropica’s 1-2-Grow range where it is produced in-house in Tropica’s Danish laboratory. It stays relatively short when compared with most other Hygrophila species with compact needle shape leaves that can range in colour from reddish brown through to purple depending on the lighting and nutrient conditions. The stems branch easily and over time with appropriate trimming can form am attractive compact bushy appearance. It’s growth rate is similar to most other Hygrophila species but due to its low position in the aquarium the light levels are usually lower and growth therefore slower. Because it is a medium category plant it usually requires CO2 injection and moderate to strong lighting to thrive. A nutrient-rich substrate and regular liquid fertilisers will also promote healthier growth.


Preparing the plant 

  1. Peel off the lid from the 1-2-Grow cup.
  2. Carefully remove the entire plant from the cup.
  3. Place the plant into a bowl of water and wash off the growth media.
  4. Divide the pot into as many plants as you can.
  5. Plant into your substrate with aquascaping tweezers.


Where to use the plant 

Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ is best used as a foreground plant in medium to large aquariums, or potentially in the midground in smaller tanks. It does best with more light so consider this when positioning next to other plants that could overshadow it. Its colour makes it a perfect contrast to brighter green plants and its relatively fine textures leaves look effective next to broader textured leaves or aquarium decor. It can also be used as an epiphyte plant attached to decor if growth conditions are appropriate. 


Maintaining the plant 

Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ isn’t usually a fast grower due to its position low down in the aquarium with less light reaching it. Trimming the stems with sharp aquascaping scissors will promote side shoot growth and these off-cuts can be re-planted if desired. Any excess plants should be discarded of responsibly to prevent them from entering any natural waterways. It does best in a nutrient-rich substrate such as Tropica Aquarium Soil and Nutrition Capsules can be added for additional root feeding. Feed the plant leaves regularly with a liquid fertiliser such as Tropica Specialised or Premium or Specialised Nutrition.



The wonderful Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ is a great plant to add extra interest to any layout. With its unique colouration and texture, and compact growth it is perfect to add foreground interest to your aquascape. Provide it with good growing conditions to get the best results and we are sure you will love this plant as much as we do!